Interested To Know About Heavy Machinery Used At Construction Sites? Read This!!!

You might have seen heavy machines while walking on the road or passing by any construction site. But are rarely aware of their uses. You might have seen massive cranes, trucks, and other massive machines at various projects. The use of such machines makes the work easy and less time-consuming. From transporting tons of heavy construction material to digging massive holes in the ground as well as crushing hard stones require advanced heavy machinery. Are you interested to know about heavy machinery that is used at construction sites? Read on to know what these are…


You might have seen such massive machines in various places or even on mobile phones or television. There is no need to introduce cranes because they are big enough and can be noticed by anyone at mega construction projects.

Cranes are generally equipped with wire chains or ropes, hoist ropes, that can be used both for lowering and lifting the material. They are also used at construction sites to move heavy objects horizontally. There are many various types of cranes. Each is tailored to a specific use.

Concrete pumps:

It is a type of machine used for transferring liquid concrete by the action of pumping. Concrete pumps are of various types. Out of the various types, the best pump for concrete transportation is a boom or truck-mounted pump. They are considered as one of the most important pieces of equipment used at construction sites.

The boom concrete pump is attached to a semi-trailer or a truck. Such pumps are capable of pumping at very high volumes and are very less labor intensive in case of operation. Concrete pumps are widely used at construction sites because they are helpful in increasing the pouring speed of the concrete.  It also ensures the quality and great efficiency of pouring concrete.

Asphalt mixing plants:

Asphalt plants or asphalt mixing plants are particularly used at the construction sites for mixing the warm dry aggregate, padding and asphalt for a homogeneous mixture at the appropriate temp. Besides construction, they are recommended during the construction of roads, parking lots, highways, etc.

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