Forced asphalt mixing plant LB series

  •  Exquisite modular design and integrated steel structure foundation, more reasonable layout, quicker and more convenient dismantling and installation.
  • Skirt type feeding belt, more stable and reliable supply.
  • Cold aggregate feeding system
  • Baghouse dust collector Asphalt storage bin
  • Drvina drum Hot aaareaate elevator Bitumen supply system
  • Coal feeder Filler supply system

LB Series asphalt batch mixing plant is stationary type batch mixing asphalt plant,featured by high efficiency arge output, precise measurement and high quality ;finished asphalt, fit for road construction projects in all  Model and Parameter grades and scales;especially for large-scale and high- grade road construction project.

(standard condition)
Mixer CapacityFuel Consumption
(standard condition)
Measurement Accuracy
OilFuel Coal
LB70060 t/h700 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/tAggregate: ±0.5%;
Powder: ±0.25%
Asphalt: ±0.25%;

LB100080 t/h1000 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB1200100 t/h1200 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB1500120 t/h1500 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB2000160 t/h2000 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB2500200 t/h2500 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB3000240 t/h3000 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB4000300 t/h4000 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t
LB5000400 t/h5000 kg5.5-7 kg/t10 kg/t

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