LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant

  •  Exquisite modular design and integral steel structure foundation, the layout is more reasonable, and the disassembly-transportation-installation is faster and more convenient.
  • Skirt-type feeding belt ensures more stable and reliable feeding.
  • The special design of the drying drum material plate and the advanced self-developed combustion heating technology improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption.
  • The plate chain type hot aggregate and powder lifting design improves the service life of the hoist.


LB Series asphalt batch mixing plant is stationary type batch mixing asphalt plant,featured by high efficiency arge output, precise measurement and high quality ;finished asphalt, fit for road construction projects in all  Model and Parameter grades and scales;especially for large-scale and high- grade road construction project.The design of high-level hot aggregate silo in the asphalt mixing plant increases the storage capacity of the hot aggregate silo, eliminating the need to wait for materials and increasing the output.Using the world’s most advanced pulse bag dust removal technology, the dust emission is lower than 20mg/Nm³, which is in line with international high environmental protection standards.

ModelLB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant;H.S number: 84743200
TypeForced Batch
YieldHot:60tons/hour (Standard working condition)
Mixer capacity800kg/mixer
Natural gas fuelConsumption: 8m³/ (produce 1 ton asphalt concrete)
Weighing accuracyHot aggregate: ±0.5%; Asphalt: ±0.3%; Mineral powder: ±0.2%
Finished material temperature130℃-165℃ (can be adjusted)
Air pollution≤20mg/Nm³
OperateOperation in fully automatic;Semi-automatic and Manual modes
Installed power138 kw
Rated voltage220V/380V-50Hz (can be adjusted)
Floor spaceLength: 35m; Width: 24m; maximum; Height: 18m
Random documentGeneral installation diagram; Foundation diagram ;Circuit diagram;Operation manual in Russian; Quality certifications
CertificateCE EAC ISO9001

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