HBT series diesel concrete pump

•Intelligent electronic control system, automatically adjust the speed of diesel engine, run smoothly and save fuel consumption
• Constant-power variable-gao plunger pump, giving full play to the efficiency of the main power
•Adopt the advanced s-pipe valve structure, the floating seal automatically compensates the wear gap, and the sealing effect is good
•The glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high-hard wear-resistant alloy material for longer life
•High outlet pressure, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction
•Electrical part adopts PLC control, which has the best control characteristics
• With anti-pump function to minimize pipe blockage
•Electrical box is equipped with remote control handle for easy operation


In order to meet the needs of field construction sites and other operating environments without power supply, our company has developed a diesel engine-powered concrete delivery pump. The pump integrates mechanical and electro-hydraulic technologies. Emission, low fuel consumption, in line with Euro m emission standards; it has the advantages of reliable performance, stable operation, strong pumping capacity, convenient maintenance, etc. The whole machine can run stably for a long time in poor environment.Beams, tunnels, hydropower, mines and other operating environments. The pumping operation adopts the technology of “automatic adjustment of diesel engine speed”. During the pumping process, the speed of the diesel engine is detected by the speed sensor and transmitted to the control computer. Due to the change of pumping pressure It will cause a corresponding change in the speed of the diesel engine. The control computer controls the throttle motor to increase and decrease the throttle according to the detected speed change, and automatically adjusts the diesel engine to run at the best speed state. The diesel engine will not overspeed the HBT30-10RSD diesel engine powered concrete pump to avoid the overspeed damage of the hydraulic oil pump. Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air-cooling heat dissipation system, no need to connect water source, easy to use.

Main technical parameters

Product nameHBT20-10RSDHBT30-10RSDHBT40-11RSDHBT60-11RSDHBT80-11RSD
Theoretical deliveryHigh pressure1216232748
(m3/h )Low pressure2130485580
Theoretical delivery pressureHigh pressure1010119.311
(MPa)Low pressure5.
Maximum conveying distanceLevel350350400400400
Maximum aggregate particle size (mm)Tube 3030
Tube 3535
Tube 4040
Tube 4545
Anchor slump (mm)100-230
Diesel engine power (kW)404666112161
Hopper volume (m,)
Feeding height (mm)11001100110011001400
Hydraulic tank volume (L)120180320460460
Diesel tank capacity (L)809090120120
Dispense valve formS-pipe valve
The main mass is the most (kg)25003100336060006600
Overall dimension length Xwidth X height (mm)4300x16704300x16704850x16706500x21606500x2230

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