HZS90 concrete batching plant

Mixer model: JS1500
Batching machine model: PLD2400
Discharge height: 3.8m
Theoretical production capacity: 90m³/h
Total power: 145Kw
Application field: widely used in large and medium-sized prefabricated component factories and industrial and civil construction projects such as roads, bridges, water conservancy, docks, etc.

Product advantages
The HZS90 concrete batching plant has a theoretical productivity of 90 cubic meters per hour, and is equipped with a JS1500 type forced mixer as the main mixer, with a nominal capacity of 1500L. The batching capacity of the batching machine is PLD2400, and the productivity of the screw conveyor is 80t/h. It is composed of conveyor belt, cement silo | cement tank, screw conveyor, PLD batching machine, twin-shaft mixing host, intelligent computer control room and metering system.
The host JS1500 concrete mixer is equipped with a dust collector, which has the functions of automatic dust collection, dehumidification, exhaust air, and returning the collected dust to the host for reuse. Excellent dust collection effect. The water supply system adopts water pump to supply water, so that the water flow speed is accelerated and the spraying is even. The main frame is packaged with color steel plate, which is clean, beautiful, dust-proof and has a good vision. Combined installation of double posts is convenient for operation and saves space.
Under the premise of ensuring engineering efficiency, this series of mixing stations saves money and has high equipment reliability; the modular structure design makes installation and demolition more convenient, the operation is safe, comfortable and reliable, the product mixing effect is good, and the production efficiency is high. . The system is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
HZS90 concrete batching plant is a kind of batching plant equipment with a wide range of applications. It is suitable for large-scale projects such as roads, airports, ports, hydropower and other large-scale projects and the production of large quantities of concrete such as prefabricated components and commercial concrete. It is widely used in various engineering construction. middle.

Whole station partmodelHZS90
Theoretical productivity (m3/h)90
Standard discharge height (m)3.8
Working cycle time (s)60
Dimensions (mm) (length X width X height)51093x19100x21600
Total installed capacity (kw)145
Mixer partmodelJS1500
Batching machine partmodelPLD2400
Pneumatic systemAir compressor model1.8-7
Rated air volume (m3/min)1.67
Rated exhaust pressure (MPa)0.8
Motor power (KW)11
Weighing systemSand and gravel measurement accuracy range (kg) accuracy+_2%
Cement measurement accuracy range (kg) accuracy+_1%
Water metering accuracy range (kg) accuracy+_1%
Additive metering accuracy range (kg) accuracy+_2%

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