PSG Series Symons Cone Crusher

  •  Multi-cylinder crushing cavity type, flexible application and strong adaptability crushing cavity type.
  • Support large crushing ratio, and select special materials for key parts.
  • Easy to operate, reduce downtime, low power consumption and reasonable distribution.
  • Reasonable selection of parts and structural design, long service life.
  • The maintenance cost of daily operation is low.

The PSG series Symons cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, construction materials industry, road building hardness above.It has features of strong crushing force, reliable structure, high efficiency, high capacity, low operation cost, easy adjustment,economical to use and so on. In the medium and large type of cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic locking clearing system can decrease downtime and save the working strength. The PSG series also use the hydraulic locking and machinery which is more reliable. Importantly, every type has several cavity types, the customer can choose different cavity type according to different requirement. Also PSG series Symons cone crusher use compensating lubricating grease sealing, which can avoid lubrication oil being polluted by dust, so that all parts work reliably and have a long operating life. The safety insurance system uses spring sets,so the foreign matter and iron ore are down from the crushing cavity and do not damage the crusher, simply and reliably.

Technical Parameter

TypeModelCavity typeDiameterof cone
when the minimum output size[mm)
Max feedsize(mm)
Capacity(t/h)Mainmotorpower(kw) Weight(kg) Overalldimension
2'FT PSGB-0607Standard fine6006-38706016-503045002195x1158x1651
PSGB-0609Standard medium10-38958018-65
PSGB-0611Standard coarse13-381109022-70
PSGD-0603Short head fine3-1335309-35
PSGD-0605Short head coarse5-16504022-70
3'FTPSGB-0910Standard fine9009-221028545-917599802656x1636x2241
PSGB-0917 Standard coarse13-38 17515059-163
PSGB-0918Standard super coarse25-38178150118-163
PSGD-0904Short head fine3-13 413527-9010530
PSGD-0906Short head medium3-16766527-100
PSGD-0907Short head coarse6-191028559-129
4.25'FTPSGB-1313Standard fine129513-31137115109-181160224602983x1866 X3156
PSGB-1321Standard medium16-38210178132-253
PSGB-1324Standard coarse19-51241205172-349
PSGB-1325Standard super coarse25-51259220236-358
PSGD-1306Short head fine3-16645436-16322590
PSGD-1308Short head medium6-16897682-163
PSGD-1310Short head coarse8-2510589109-227
PSGD-1313Short head super coarse16-25133113118-236
5.5'FTPSGB-1620Standard fine167616-38209178181-327250432703941 X2954 X3771
PSGB-1624Standard medium22-51241205258-417
PSGB-1626Standard coarse25-64269228299-635
PSGB-1636Standard super coarse38-64368313431-630
PSGD-1607Short head fine5-13706090-20943870
PSGD-1608Short head medium6-198976136-281
PSGD-1613Short head coarse10-25133113190-336
PSGD-1614Short head super coarse13-25133113253-336
7'TTPSGB-2127Standard fine213419-38278236544-1034400867304613x3302 X4638
PSGB-2133Standard medium25-51334284862-1424
PSGB-2136Standard coarse31-643693141125-1814
PSGB-2146Standard super coarse38-644603911252-1941
PSGD-2110Short head fine5-1610589218-46389500
PSGD-2113Short head medium10-19133113404-580
PSGD-2117Short head coarse13-25178151517-680
PSGD-2120Short head super coarse16-25203172580-744

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