YLB asphalt mixing plant series

  •  Modular design, mainly equipped with trailers and chassis, to achieve rapid relocation and installation;
  •  High screening accuracy, accurate measurement, batch mixing, and good quality of finished asphalt;
  • The optimized design of the drying drum and the mixing drum has good equipment performance; the key components are made of wear-resistant materials and have a long service life;
  •  Simple design and small footprint.
  • PLC system, easy to control automation.
  • Each module is equipped with an independent power distribution cabinet. The cables have been arranged before delivery, which is convenient and reliable.

YLB Series is mobille batch mixing asphalt plant. It has the advantages of LB Series batch mixing plant.  In addition,it is equipped with chassis and trailer and can be mobillized and relocated in a very short time.Its output is 60~ 160tph, fit for construction of road that is not wide, but considerable long and needs frequent relocation.

Rated capacity (t/h)
water content40 tons/hour 60 tons/hour80 tons/hour 120 tons/hour160 tons/hour
Drying drum size (m)<5%
Drying drum capacity1.2x5.21.2x5.21.5x6.651.8X7.91.94X9.4
Burner65 tons/hour 65 tons/hour 80 tons/hour120 tons/hour160 tons/hour
Burner maximum combustion capacityDiesel/diesel heavy oil use/pulverized coal/gas/gas use (customer optional)
Dust removal system300kg/hour 450kg/hour 550kg/hour 1000kg/hour 1250kg/hour
Filter area of bag filter (m2)Primary cyclone/gravity dust collector + secondary bag filter
Hot aggregate elevator259363518680
Hot aggregate elevator maximum capacityPlate chain hoisting
Maximum capacity of vibrating screen70 tons/hour 70 tons/hour 90 tons/hour 125 tons/hour 160 tons/hour
Mixer (twin-shaft batch type))70 tons/hour 70 tons/hour 90 tons/hour 125 tons/hour 160 tons/hour
Mixing drum drive500kg/batch 800kg/batch1000kg/batch1500kg/batch 2000kg/batch
Filler Supply SystemDouble gear motor drive (gear synchronization)
Filling elevator maximum capacityBucket lift
Weighing accuracy20 tons/hour 40 tons/hour
Asphalt supply system/
fuel supply systemInstantaneous electric heating / heat transfer oil heating type (optional coal / fuel / gas)
Total power (about Kw)Optional coal/fuel/gas/td>
Without overall environmental protection configuration190kw 202kw250kw340kw 500kw
Floor Coverage (m)37X3237X3238X3141X3344X35

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