HBT series Electric power concrete pump

  • Adopt the S-pipe valve reversing of Xiantu, the structure is mature and reliable, which can meet the transportation of concrete
  • The glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high-hard wear-resistant alloy material for longer life
  • High pressure at the outlet, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction
  • Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air-cooling heat dissipation system, no need to connect water source, easy to use
  • With anti-pump function to minimize pipe blockage
  • Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the service life of rotating parts
  • Electrical part adopts PLC control, which has the best control characteristics
  • Electrical box is equipped with remote control handle for easy operation

Concrete pump is a kind of equipment that uses pressure to continuously convey concrete along the pipeline. It has been widely used in building construction. , In view of the characteristics of building ground construction, a small S-tube valve concrete-HBT series fine stone concrete pump was designed and manufactured, which successfully solved the problem of conveying fine stone concrete in building ground construction. It is the first fine stone concrete conveying equipment in China. Come, Saidi company has been leading the development of this product in China.

Main technical parameters

Products«&■■■■gauge tsHBT15-13SDHBT29-10SCHBT30-10SEHBT40-11SEHBT50-13SEHBT60-13SDHBT8O-13SD
Theoretical delivery■High pressure7920162237SO
(mVh)Low pressureIS1832374662B5
Theoretical delivery pressureHigh pressure13101011131313
Force(MPa)Low Pressure65.5S3S36.26.46.4
Maximum conveying distanceHorizontal300350350400450400400
From (m)Vertical110130130150170ISO150
ff 4*7 6mm2S252S
Maximum aggregate particle size (mm)Pipe diameter 9ni m30mo30
@$103 mm353S
Main motor power (kW)3030F4SSS90110
Hopper volume))0.34360.
Feeding height (mm)950100010001100110014001400
Hydraulic tank volume {U120ISO2002603205505S0
Dispense valve form
Host mass (kg )14801680220029003200S200S600
Overall dimension length x width x height (mm }5380x12703400x14203770x14203990x16704300x16706200x15826200x1882

Scope application
L HBT15-?5fJl type is suitable for large surface root and high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete or mortar filling layer in building ground construction. It can be used as a shotcrete pump after adding spray accessories.
N HBT40 model can not only convey fine stone concrete, but also can be used for conveying Jintong concrete, which is the least engineering.
Soil HBT60-S0M model is a concrete pump for construction. It can be used for concrete construction of high-rise buildings, railways and highway tracks, bridges and culverts, hydropower, mining and national defense projects.

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