LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

  •  Modular design; convenient for transportation and installation;fit for worldwide use
  • Precise screening, accurate measurement,batch mixing; producing good quality finished asphalt;
  • Optional feed for filler and additives such as dye pigment, fibre and foam and the like ;
  • Optimized drying drum structure, thermal insulation layer surface,sufficient heating, higher heat utilization rate Powder
  • Dual-shaft mixer, fast and evenly mixing
  • Three control modes: manual. semi-auto and auto; easy and flexible to operate
  • Two stage dust collector: gravitational dust collector and bag house dust collector, environmental friendly emission less than 20mg/Nm³

LB Series asphalt batch mixing plant is stationary type batch mixing asphalt plant,featured by high efficiency arge output, precise measurement and high quality ;finished asphalt, fit for road construction projects in all  Model and Parameter grades and scales;especially for large-scale and high- grade road construction project.

ModelLB1000 Asphalt mixing plant;H.S number: 84743200
TypeForced Periodic / Hot
Yield80ton/hour (standard work condition)
Mixer capacity1000kg/mixer
Diesel fuelConsumption: 6.5-7.5kg/ (produce 1 ton asphalt concrete)
Weighing accuracyHot Minerals: ±0.5%; Bitumen: ±0.3%; Mineral powder: ±0.2%
Finished material temperature130℃-165℃ (can be adjusted)
Air pollution≤20mg/Nm³
OperateOperation in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes
(can be switched)
Installed power264.07kw
Rated voltage220V/380V-50Hz (can be adjusted)
Floor space Length : 38m; Width: 20m; Maximum height: 12.5m
Random documentGeneral installation diagram; Foundation diagram ;
Circuit diagram;Russian;Operation manual in Russian;
Quality certifications



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