LB700 Asphalt Mixing Plant

  •  Modular design; convenient for transportation and installation;fit for worldwide use
  • Precise screening, accurate measurement,batch mixing; producing good quality finished asphalt;
  • Optional feed for filler and additives such as dye pigment, fibre and foam and the like ;
  • Optimized drying drum structure, thermal insulation layer surface,sufficient heating, higher heat utilization rate Powder
  • Dual-shaft mixer, fast and evenly mixing
  • Three control modes: manual. semi-auto and auto; easy and flexible to operate
  • Two stage dust collector: gravitational dust collector and bag house dust collector, environmental friendly emission less than 20mg/Nm³

LB Series asphalt batch mixing plant is stationary type batch mixing asphalt plant,featured by high efficiency arge output, precise measurement and high quality ;finished asphalt, fit for road construction projects in all  Model and Parameter grades and scales;especially for large-scale and high- grade road construction project.


Quote and Terms
LB700 Asphalt Mixing PlantStationary forced-periodic type
Productivity: 56 tons / hour ;1 set
Delivery date30-35 working days after receipt of advance payment
WarrantyThe equipment is installed and debugged on site within 12 months.
Installation and debugging training1.The buyer prepares the foundation and circuit according to the seller's drawings, and provides the Russian drawings within 3 working days after signing the contract.

2.Users need to prepare electrician, welder, operator (we will train him to operate maintenance equipment), worker, and other necessary construction tools such as truck crane, we will give you a detailed form later.

3.We will send 1-2 engineers to the local area to install and debug the equipment. The customer needs to pay the engineer's round-trip air ticket and be responsible for local accommodation.

4.Free service is provided within 30 days from the day the engineer arrives at the construction site, and the engineer will be paid 100 USD/person/day for more than 30 days. The user is responsible for the engineer's local accommodation and transportation insurance, and assists the seller's engineer in handling visa matters.

5.Installation and commissioning training time is about 30 days.

technical parameter
ModelLB700 Asphalt Mixing Plant
H.S номер: 84743200
TypeForced hot stirring
Yield56 tons/hour under normal conditions
Mixer capacity700KG/stir once
Fuel is diesel or heavy oilConsumption: 5.5-7.5KG (per ton of finished asphalt concrete produced)
Weighing accuracyHot aggregate: ±0.5%; Asphalt: ±0.3%; Mineral powder: ±0.2%
Finished material temperature130℃-165℃ Can be adjusted
Air pollution≤20mg/Nm³
OperationFully automatic mode Semi-automatic mode Manual mode Switchable
Installed power170 KBT
Rated voltage220V/380V-50Hz Can be replaced
Floor spaceL*W*H: 35m×24m×18m
Random document1.General installation diagram Foundation diagram Circuit diagram Russian
2.Russian Instructions
3.Product certification
CertificateCE EAC

1.Aggregate batching deviceSiloVolume 6 m³
Loading height 3.5M
Belt feeder
(variable frequency adjustable)
Power: 1.5kw
Yield: 2.8-65
Frequency converter4
Sand Hopper VibratorPower : 0.2kw1
Horizontal conveyor (collect mixture)Size:В550mm*29400mm
Max output: 80t/h, power: 3kw
Filter screenScreen out the material larger than 40MM
Power 1.5kw
Conveyor(feed for dryer)Size:В500mm*16000mm
Maximum output 120 tons/hour power 4KW
2.Drying systemDryerSize : 1200mm(diameter)*5200mm(length)
Maximum output 60 tons/hour
Mineral thermal insulation wool
(rock wool) and stainless steel
Thickness : 50mm1
Engine nature
(kind nature:friction)
Power : 15 kw1
Temperature sensorWith infrared thermometer1
3.Coal burning systemA set of coal burnerAutomatic control1
Coal crusher driving motorpower:22kw1
Coal timing Motor:1.5kw1
Coal burning stove drawing fan motor Power:3kw1
Oil ignition system motor0.75kw1
4. Dust removal systemCyclone dust removal + water dust removal1
Screw conveyorPower : 3kw1
Induced draft fanPower: 18.5kw1
Water dust removal pump motor power2×3kW1
5. Mineral powder adding systemMineral powder temporary storage tankVolume: 0.5m31
Screw conveyorCapacity: ≥ 10t/h, power: 2.2kw1
Hoist (plate chain type)Capacity : ≥ 20t/h
Power : 4 kW
6.Bitumen supply system
(Type: thermally conductive oil)
Bitumen tankCapacity: 40 тонн
Heat protection:(Type: heat-conducting oil)
Heat-conducting oil system200,000 kcal1
Asphalt output pumpPower: 5.5kw1
Asphalt circulating pumpPower: 5.5kw
Capacity: 20 m³/h
Asphalt transfer tankCapacity:2 tons1
7.Screening and stirring systemHot material elevator (plate chain type) Capacity: ≥ 80t/hour; Power: 7.5kw1
four-layer vibrating screen
Screen mesh size 4 layers: 3x3, 6x6, 11x11, 25x25 (mm×mm) (If users have different requirements for screen mesh size, please be sure to submit them before the contract is put into production.)
Productivity: ≥ 80t/h, Power: 7.5kw1
Under-sieve buffer hot silo4+1 warehouse1
Hot Aggregate Weighing BucketVolume: 800kr1
Add powder weighing hopperVolume: 100kr1
Asphalt weighing hopperVolume: 100kr1
Twin Shaft MixerVolume: 800kg/time;800KG/time
mixing cycle
Period: 45s
Stirring time: 18s
Power: 22kw*2
8.Pneumatic systemCompressorCapacity: 0.8Nm³/min
Power: 7.5KW
Gas tankVolume : 2000L1
9.Control system
Russian language
Motor control system1
Temperature control system1
Burner control PLC1
PLC weighing control1
Mixing control PLC1
Operating room size: 4000мм*2200мм*2300ммControl cabinet2
Operating platform1
Industrial computer1
Air conditioner
10.AdditionalAccessories;A set of common tools1

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